No More Chord Overstreet For The Upcoming Glee Season


Santana Lopez used to call him trouty mouth. If you’re a Glee fan, then you already know that Sam Evans is the character that has been talked about in here. The character is being played by Chord Overstreet who appeared in the second season of Glee.

Now that the 3rd season is fast approaching, it’s so unfortunate that there would be no more Sam Evans in the story. Ryan Murphy made some changes in the characters of the TV series and Chord Overstreet’s character has been removed. It isn’t going to be a great news for all his fans as he was able to show his singing and dancing skills greatly. However, with his looks and talent, being out of Glee is not the end of his career.

Next season of Glee might be dropping off Sam Evans but they will be keeping Blaine Anderson and Mike Chang. Both characters has been played by Darren Criss and Harry Shum Jr. respectively. Blaine is the love interest of Kurt Hummel who is a gay student at Dalton Academy and a member of the Warblers. Mike Chang on the other hand partners Tina Cohen-Chang who dances in the New Directions. His character barely sings in the group and only had a chance to share his voice during the “Duet” episode with Tina. He had his solo dance performance in “A Night of Neglect” episode.

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