Heart Evangelista’s Twitter Account Hacked


Heart Evangelista is just one of the celebrities in the country who actively tweets her whereabouts for her fans. Her official twitter account @heart021485 which is now in private has more than 200 thousand followers with more than a thousand tweets.

Her thousands of followers were shocked one day when she suddenly tweeted “Gudmorning everyone!!!very sad today..super stress ako ky marianita bobo!!”. The person behind the name “Marianita Bobo” in her tweet is believed to be her Temptation Island co-star Marian Rivera. “Bobo” is a local word for dumb. Then the tweet was followed by “Aminin ko na sinigawan ni mommy c Marian sa airport ng ‘stay away from my daughter'” (I admit, my mom shouted at Marian in the airport with ‘stay away from my daughter’). Then another one with “Humanda ka sa akin Bobita malapit na ako umuwi Jan d kta uurungan!!!” (Get yourself ready you dumb, I’m going home soon, I won’t back off from you).

Her fans just can’t believe that Evangelista tweeted those lines. A lot of them believed that the account has been hacked. Someone from her fans verified the tweets by calling her and she said that at that time she is shopping in the mall and there is no way that she tweeted it.

Evangelista’s Fans group Heart World confirmed the hacking and later on tweeted the following”

“We would like inform you guys that Heart Evangelista’s twitter account has been hacked.Any tweets from @heart021485 is not basically from her..Please RT.”

“Twitter got hacked.We called her and she’s in the mall right now shopping..Please beware.”

“Please help us inform everyone that Heart’s twitter account has been hacked.”

“One more thing Heart is not using iPhone to tweet coz her twitter doesn’t work there.If you will notice the recent tweets were posted using iPhone..Heart uses web to tweet..FYI!”

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