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Is Kate Middleton Too Skinny to Have a Baby?


The whole world watched in awe and bated breath as the elegant Kate Middleton marched down the aisle in her beautifully designed wedding gown. Though still a ‘commoner’ as she makes her way gracefully to the altar, she is undoubtedly as perfect as any princess-bride should be.

She had the perfect hair, the perfect figure, the perfect smile – everything about her that day was perfect.

Admittedly, she went through a ‘wedding diet’ to prepare for her big day. It is said that brides ‘typically’ go on a diet or workout frenzy just to look good on her wedding day.

But Kate and Prince William’s wedding is long over. She is now the Duchess of Cambridge and she herself expressed her desire to have kids with her Prince someday soon.

Unfortunately, a top UK doctor thinks she might have problems conceiving with the way her weight seems to be continuing to drop.

According to Dr. Chris Steele, 65, who has been a health expert for 13 years, if Kate lost any more weight it would be difficult for her to become pregnant.

As Dr. Steele said, “Kate has always been on the thin side but she’s now on the brink of being underweight.

“If she continues to lose any more weight it’s entirely medically plausible she will have extreme difficulty getting pregnant.

She adds, “Being underweight is one of the greatest problems for women trying to get pregnant. If they aren’t at a healthy weight they will not ovulate properly. This is why anorexics have huge problems conceiving.”

Listen up Duchess, or we may not see any heirs any time soon.

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