Manny Pacquiao and GMA-7 Warns Public about Text Scam


If you suddenly receive a text message telling you that your cell phone number was drawn via electronic raffle and that you won P780,000 from Manny Pacquiao’s new game show, ‘Manny, many prizes’ or that you have been awarded the second prize at a raffle draw conducted by the ‘GMA Kapuso Foundation’, what do you do?

Text the sender back and say, “May God forgive you for deceiving people with your lies.”

Seriously, report the incident and the number to the National Telecommunications Commission and have them bar the number from sending these text scams.

Manny Pacquiao and Mel Tiangco of GMA7’s Kapuso Foundation have denied any involvement or knowledge as to where these texts scams are originating.

Pacquaio said his Manny Pacquiao Foundation and his new game show are not giving away money by sending people these types of text messages, while Tiangco laughingly said their Kapuso Foundation is eliciting donations for the less privileged and is not giving away money through raffle draws and such as claimed by the text scams sender.

So people, take note so you don’t get fooled.

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  1. Jelena N. says:

    There are tons of text scams out there. Interesting is that Apple just released an iPhone app a few days ago, called Scam Detector, which exposes in detail over 350 of the most notorious scams in the world. Lots of telephone scams as well. It is worth checking it out, if you have an iPhone. There is their info: It’s kinda cool, actually.

  2. Juliet says:

    Naku po am here in Dubai i got a message sa roaming ko. Tsaka nga po pala i sent an email po totell you what happened he asked 9,000php
    Crazy….how easily he asks money in his style….wahahahhaha….heto po ang numero na nag send sa akin na nanalo daw ako+639262424735 pKI IMBESTIGAHAN NA lang po ang taong ito…same yung nasabi nyo sa article kesyo Kapuso foundation daw draw from Manny Paquiao
    The good part when i heard how to claim prize he said send me the amount then i transfer your money tru Western Union. buti na lang i was not to excited to get stupid! He did not get any money but he wasted my credits international call and my time, was so pissed off.
    Thanks . Juliet

  3. hello po!im from saudi pki imbistigahan nyo po ang number na 2.+639468208679 kc mag padala po xa ng messege sakin d2 sa roaming ko na nalo dw po ako sa GMA FOUNDITION by manny pacquiao.worth of p780.000.ty

  4. ronalyn caparas says:

    i just received today a message from manny pacquio foundation saying that i won p950.000 sent in my roaming ..from atty lyndon G.Caña tlf.+639461892763..ty..

  5. leonardo m.cezar says:

    e2 ang #09161724786 ang pangalan ng ngtext ay atty.desiree b.mendoza dti-ncr#6657 series of 2012.this is d text message -mam/sir congrats ur mobile #won php(550,000)2nd pricewinner from gma kapuso foundations draw/lastnight from cong.manny pacquia.2 claim ur price pls call me now im atty desiree b. mendoza.

  6. ang txt sa akinay 09161724786.pangalan ay atty.desiree b.mendoza,cnsabi nanalo daw aq ng 550, manny pacman draw

  7. gloria cano says:

    pano q po mkuha ang premyo q?nanalo po aq last saturday march 31,2012 as homepartner of your show manny many prizes,sana nmn po ay mbigyan u aq ng information…d q po kz alam gagawin,tga mariveles bataan p ho aq,thankz and more power to your game show….

    • khare says:

      ate nakuha nio na poh ba ung prize nio?nanalo din poh qc aq nung july 9 pro wala pdin pong update ehh..ask q lng poh qung ponoh macclaim ung prize thanks..:)

  8. Myla says:

    I received a txt from atty. alex acosta last Apr. 2 telling I have won P780,000 2nd prize from Kapuso Foundation. His no. 09398435184. dti ncr#6657 series 2012. Mga walang magawa.

  9. chiara says:

    pls. do investigate this # 09359429605


    Nakatanggap din ako ng txt ngaun n nananalo dw aq ng 550,000 from Manny pacqiuo,sya dw si atty. desiree mendoza,kala nman nya mniniwala aq.

  11. rhey says:

    nakatanggap ako ng text msg. galing sa number nato: 09179746416
    sabi nila ganito: Ma’am/Sir Congrat’s.Ur mobile # won(530,000)2nd prize winner. From.GMA KAPUSO Foundation’s donated by: Cong’s Manny Pacquiao. To claim ur price pls call me now, im’atty Rico C. Alvariz DTI-NCR # 6657 Series of 2012 thank you. Plz pls. do investigate this # 09179746416

  12. Ced says:

    Nakatanggap din po ako ng text scam na nanalo daw ako ng 780 000 php na electronic raffle daw ng GMA kapuso foundation. Atty. Rafael C. Lopez daw syamay DTI number pa. Galing sa 09351308334

  13. cor09 says:

    i received a txt from Atty. Jerald C. Guzon na naalo daw ako ng 780k galing daw sa GMA kapuso faundation DTI PERMIT #6347 series 2012. at ang cp number niya ay +63906669978

  14. angelica says:

    ito ktatanggap ko lng this morning..
    xa c ATTY DANNY C DOMINGO num 09358930349 DTI-NCR#6657
    kabobohan din nang nag-text, Kapuso Foundation mamimigay nang pera?? haller!! hnd nag-iisip!

  15. grace says:

    09059426731 thats the # po sayig I won 780,000 pesos. So stupid he even used Atty. Gozon and kapuso foundation.Hay salamat po sa info.

  16. Jaymon says:

    Pls barred this cp # +639069685063. Sent message winning P700,000 from GMA foundation.
    We must enforce a law to register all the people buying prepaid cards.

  17. eliza says:

    pls bared this # 09067548526 he send me i won 780,000 frm kapuso foundation donated by mr manny pacqiuo his mr alex rivera dti ncr#6657. pls po paki bared nlang ung # nya bka marami pa syang maloko thank u po

    • amay says:

      ganon din sa akin he send me won 780,000.00 2nd price winner frm kapuso foundation donated by cong’s manny pacquiao# 09172721267JAYSON C. REVERA SEC.

  18. Florepes says:

    I got a message from cell no. 09261688769, Atty. Almae M. Gomez, stating that my cell number won P/ 780,000.00, 2nd prize winner on Manny Many prizes drawn last June 27, 2012, DTI Permit 2168 series of 2012. Kindly check if this is reality because I called her recently and he said it’s TRUE. Please check. Thanks.

  19. Flor says:

    Please check this no. 0261688769, Atty. Almae M. Gomez stating that my cell no. won 780,000 on Manny Many Prizes drawn June 27, 2012. DTI Permit 2168, series of 2012.

  20. flor says:

    cell no. 09261688769 text that my cell no. won 780,000. contact name atty. almae m. gomez of Manny Many Prizes drawn June 27, 2012.

  21. plz do investigate this # 09068730217 telling i won php780,000.00 2ndprize winner draw last 05/09/12 from gma kapuso foundation’s donated by Cong. Manny Pacquiao, to claim the prize call ATty. RAUL B. GOMEZ dti-ncr#6657 series of 2012. i almost deceived, thanx God He told me to search it. plz trace thAt not only for the sake of me but others too. Thank you!

  22. aleah says:

    Pls. barred this number 09055870787. Grabe nya. for three times sya pabalik balik sa text nya that I won Php 550,000 pesos. What a stupid text. She’s using Atty. Alex B. Gozon.

  23. jUN says:

    just received the exact scam message… did as suggested… tsk the world we live in…

  24. Irwin says:

    Nakatanggap din po ako ng text scam na nanalo daw ako ng 780 000 php na electronic raffle daw ng GMA kapuso foundation. Atty. Rafael C. Lopez daw syamay DTI number pa. Galing sa 09169715128

  25. Irwin says:

    nakatanggap uli ako ng ganyan. Galing sa 09169715128

  26. Jan Harold A. Catacutan says:

    ako po si jan harold a. catacutan may nareceive po akong text na nanalo daw po ako 780,000.00 paki imbestighan nmn po itong tao na tong naloloko .

  27. Jan Harold A. Catacutan says:

    eto yung number niya +639352944350

  28. angels says:

    kuya pakiimbistigan nyo po tong number na to#09127457928..dapat meron din parusa sa mga taong ganito..

  29. VANGIE says:

    I rcvd txt msg. like this; Ma’m/Sir; congrat’s Ur mobile# won php{550,000}2nd price winner from kapuso foundation’sDraw dis year!From:Cong.Manny Pacquiao.2 claim ur price! me I’m SEC,ARNOLD C.Cruz DTI-NCR#6657Series of 2012
    hopefully wla po cla malokong tao!!!

  30. VANGIE says:

    e2 pong contact number ng ngtxt sa akin; +639051935951!!! para wla na po cia malokong tao!!

  31. larry says:

    may natanggap po akong msg kanina at sinabi na nanalo daw ako ng 780,000 tinawagan ko at tinanong kung pano makuha yung pera tapos kinuha nya yung complete address ko then my bank account but im not sure kung totoo.

  32. Susan says:

    just received a call from Sec. Atty. Elmar B. Tetangco, Jr. (daw) from GMA Kapuso Foundation that I won P850,000 2nd prize winner. DTI-NCR# 6657 series of 2012. His cp no. is 09059132922. Kindly look into this no. po. Tnx.

  33. naka receive din ako ng same txt but i told the sender to call me instead kse wla akong load to call her/him back haha..marami na talagang manloloko ngayon..

  34. blah says:

    AQ DN PO NLUKO 2 po ung no. po nea 09359080598 hay naku god nlngg mgju2dge s knla tnx for advising us

  35. Allen says:

    I got one too. it says Ur mobile won 850.000Php. 2nd prize winner from GMA.KAPUSO FOUNDATION. DTI-NCR #6657 SERIES. ATTY ALEX B. GOZON

  36. Maryfil t. Sojor says:

    hay naku mga text scam nga naman parang mga kabuti…nagsusulputan… a certain Sec. Russel L. Miranda TEXTED ME THAT I HAVE WON 780,000 FROM CONG. PACQUIAO FONDATION…MAY dti permit no. pa kuno…2827 series 2012… this is his cel no. 09054753479

  37. rommel says:

    the number used was 09277760307

  38. Sherwin Herminanda says:

    may natanggap akung txt nanalo aq nang 2nd prixe winner sa GMA Kapuso Foundation n COng. Manny Pacqiaou at Pangalan pa n atty. Felipe T. Gozon. totoo ba ito? pls Reply

  39. Sherwin Herminanda says:

    This is cel no.09277314847, nanalo daw aq nang 2nd price from Cong. Manny Pacqiaou. is it true? this is a scam.

  40. Janine says:

    Notification coming frm GMA Kapuso. winner by electronic raffle 2nd price 680,000.00. To be claim now 11-13,2012 from Mngr. Robert Fuentis.DTI-NCr Permit2409 series 2012.Be aware of this kind of scam.

  41. choy says:

    I rcvd txt msg. like this: congratulations ur mobile # won(780,000.00) from: GMA kapuso foundation! sponsored by: Cong. Manny pacquiao to claim ur prize Call me now! im Atty. ALMAE GOMEZ. DTI – Per # 0925 S’12.
    this is her number 09359382151

  42. pls.check this number09056386042 he said that is an atty his name recardo rivera,sabi nya”pasahan kulng dw sya ng load tapos epapadala nya yung pera worth 780000,gusto nyang pasahan quh sya ng load para ma trace up nya yung code number ng place namin..

  43. charish mae ganal says:

    May ngttxt dn po sabi ur sim # won 780000 from gma kapusong milyonaryo handog pangkabuhayan. 2 claim ur prize me atty.isidro l.pineda dti#7750’s 2014 e2 po # nya+639994885147 tapos ung mngr po ng western.Ricardo gonzales#+639361155493 tapos po ung chairman po dw sa OWWA Renato tan+639352901046.d2 po ako ngayon nagttraho sa lebanon.ngpadala npo ako sa kanila ng pera na nagkahalaga po 539 $ tapos pinatawag nla po ako ulit ka c lahat po dw ng aming pag uusapan ay inni record po dw nla.humihingi n nman po cla sa akin ng 400$ para po dw sa taong magpperma sa pera na npanalonan ko po.sabi ko sir wala napo talga ako pera.inobos nyo na po.akala kpo b kayo ay nakka2long samga lalo nyo lang pala kami pinapahirapan.tapos sabi po nya magtiwala lang po dw sa diyos ka c bukas po dw ang mga mata nya at nakatingin po raw samin.sabi ko po kng.ggamitin nyo po ung pangalan ng panginoon sana po ay makarma kayo kng hndi mn totoo.pls.lang po kng pwd pa imbestigahan po ang mga tao pong e2.kailangan ko po ka c na maibalik po nla ung pera na ipadala ko po sa knla.balitaan nyo lang po ako ma’am/sir kng ano po dapat ggawin.salamat gma kapuso at kay manny paquiao.godblessd po.

  44. charish mae ganal says:

    Good evening po sa inyo sir /ma’am.nagttxt na nman po cla sa akin kailan ko po raw ipapadala ung hinihingi nla sa akin na nagkahalgang 16,000 pesos po para po dw maipadala n nla ung napanalonan ko po na 780,000.tapos sabi nya po ulit dalawang resibo po daw ang makkoha ko sa westrn ka c hndi po daw kaya ng bangko na isabay lahat ang padala sa pera d2 po sa lebanon.pero hndi ko na po pinansin.ka c alam ko po na mattulongan nyo po ako.e2 po ung # na gnamit nya sa pagtxt sa akin ngayon.+639471437895/+639159848324 .tapos ung pinapadalhan ko po ng pera ay nakapangalan po kayDOINEL H.ALBIT.siya po raw ung collector .pero hndi ko po siya nakkausap hndi po bngay sakin # nya po.pls lang po ako po ay nagmmaka awa po sa inyo kapusong gma at kay congres.manny sana po makkulong ang mga taong sana maibalik po nla sa akin ang pera.maraming maraming salamat po.god blessed u all.

  45. Benjie bautista Montero says:

    Gud pm.poh nanalo daw ako nang 780,000,00) ito poh ang simcard # ko 09102983764 , at nagpa kilala sya daw si Atty. ED R TOLENTINO totoo poh ba to? At ito ang cel# nya:09466730182

  46. RYAN A, BORAIS says:

    Sir Manny Pacquiao
    i received a txt from you yesterday
    i won 550,000 KAPUSO FOUNDATIONS DRAW LAST NIGHT,they told me Call Atty, ALEX B,GOZON and d2 k daw konin ang pera na padala ni SPECIAL AUTHORITY OIC APPROVAL Mr,Vergelio F, Mendez ito Number niya 09183731676 sabi pa sa akin kami lang dalawa ang nakaka alam active pa ngayon ang number nila, d2 ako ngayon sa roxas city capiz e2 number koh 09476686690, padala daw ako sa westernion ng 5500 para daw sa agency humihingi pa ng load, plese help me Sir

  47. RYAN A, BORAIS says:

    2nd price winner frm, gma KAPUSO FOUNDATION DRAW, ao kung totoo ba ito kasi humihingi ng load at 5500 padala sa s agency to LBC or Cebuana, nag taka lang ako bakit nag sabi s akin si tahimik lang ako kami lang nakaka alam si Mr, Vergelio Mendez, ang price 550,000 kung totoo ba ito hindi p ako nag bigay ng pera ito number koh, 09476686690 sir

  48. paki imbistigahan ang #09069779108 na ito sabi nanalo daw po ako ng 550,000 2nd prize winner sia daw c atty. alex b. gozon

  49. Kim Paul Maglasang says:

    Ma’m / sir Congrat’s. Ur mobile# w0n Php.(P780,000) 2nd price winner Fr0m GMA.KAPUS0 Foundation’s w/(BSP)’Draw/LAST Night” From:Cong. MANNY PACQUIAO.2 claim Ur Prize! Plz Call me Now i’m ATTY.ALEX L. GOZON.’ DTI-NCR #6657 Series 0f2014.

  50. cornish baterna says:

    a person named atty. ariel j, aquiento sent message that i won 780,000.00 his number 09994885131 his representative junal s. madalo, i also check the lists of lawyers all over philippines but not listed in the lawyers’ roll, beware i believe this is a scam

  51. cornish baterna says:

    thst mr aquiento using gma kapuso foundation with dti-ncr permit no. 6304 series of 2015, kindly check bka mdami pa ang mbiktima nito

  52. emma kilayco says:

    ..ako din my txt sakin ngayon..humihingi ng 2500 processing fee para makuha ang p780,000.00 na 2nd prize ng GMA KAPUSO foundation..sec. lesly b. castro daw yong tumawag..ito number 09398057415..sana matigil na to…

  53. boyet says:

    sir/mam, naka received po ako ngayong gabi (2/24/15 8:30pm)gusto ko po sanang murahin sila kaso wala po akong load. ito po gamit nila # 09126589269. boyet


  55. March 16, 2015 at exactly 11:52 am wherein I received a text message from Alfredo B. Alcala (09983979674) stating that my sim number won 1st prize worth of P780,000 and I have to send him my name, age, address, and occupation. As an innocent one, I didn’t found out directly that it’s a scam and now I’ve search the name of the said scammer and I found out that the text message is not really authentic that it comes from GMA Kapuso foundation. Thanks God, I’m now aware and I will not entertain this man anymore because during our conversation he told me that he will call me later after my class.
    # Please be aware and I hope that this kind of scam will be solve!
    # God Speed

  56. March 16, 2015 at exactly 11:52 am wherein I received a text message from Alfredo B. Alcala (09983979674) stating that my sim number won 1st prize worth of P780,000 and I have to send him my name, age, address, and occupation. As an innocent one, I didn’t found out directly that it’s a scam and now I’ve search the name of the said scammer and I found out that the text message is not authentic that it comes from GMA Kapuso foundation. Thanks God, I’m now aware and I will not entertain this man anymore because during our conversation he told me that he will call me later after my class.
    # Please be aware and I hope that this kind of scam will be solve!
    # God Speed

  57. LPVJR says:

    palala lang po, until now may mga umaaligid pa ren na text scam same as the above ang content, nanalo daw ang number ko ng 780,000 electronic raffle, at this time 150.00 pesos na lang hinihingi papaload yung pinang text sakin para sa processing ng tracking # para ma claim yung price sa lbc..wa..kahit 150 pesos pa yan scam pa ren at pangloloko sa tao ginagawa nila.. sya daw si Atty. RAFAEL B. CHAVEZ-NCR PERMIT #6888.S 2015 eto number nya 9752197981..#####

    • marifel p. says:

      SCAM PHONE NUMBER 09120193770….nanalo daw ako ng 2nd prize (390,000,00) from GMA KAPUSO FOUNDATION..FROM:MANNY PACQUIAO ,INFO CALL ME NOW ATTY:RAFAEL C. AQUINO DTI-#9718’S 2016 eto daw ung company no. nila 09308822038 paloadan ko daw ng 200..para makuha ko daw ung prize ko…grabe sila ako pa sinabihan ng manloloko kz nd daw dumating ung load na 200 sa kanila.

  58. REN says:

    Meron ako natanggap Atty.Karen Librado daw name niya at nanalo daw ako ng second prize sa kapuso mo foundation and its worth of 780,000php….+639363634608 yan po number niya please do something thanks….

  59. REN says:

    With DTI-NCR Permit No.6304…..thanks

  60. Noel fernandez says:

    Pakiimbestigahan nyo nga po ang number na ito 09361714765 ATTY BERNALD DELIMA.nanalo daw po ako s GMA KAPUSO FOUNDATION ni Manny pacquiao.Para maturuan po ng leksyon.

  61. Eljay says:

    Hi poh! At this moment I just recieve a text message from these # 09756739866 and says that my number won. Gusto ko lng po na iremind kau n kpag nagtxt sa inyo ang # nah toh wag nyo pong paniwalaan. Thank you!

  62. nestor l caturan says:

    nakatanggap ako ng text gling kay Atty. Allan C. Chua na ang cel number ko won Pph650.000.00, per dti permit num 5719 s. 2017. pls advice how true is this sir/madam thanks


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