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Jennifer Lopez: I want to be as good a mum as my mother was to me


It is not mother’s day but Jennifer Lopez decides to honor her mother today, as children ought to honor their mothers on any given day.

Lopez said her mother, Guadalupe, taught her and her siblings that they could do anything they wanted to do – even be the president of the United States.

Born and raised in the Bronx, a poor community in New York, Lopez was virtually penniless when she first came to Hollywood, but the persistence and determination her mother taught her paved the way for the success, fame and wealth she is enjoying right now.

Lopez had these to say in praise of her mother, “My mother, Guadalupe, taught me all about clean living. I have never taken a drug, never smoked a cigarette and do not drink at all. My mother embedded it all in to us when we were young.

“Those basic values were drummed into my head: “Be good. Work hard. Do the right thing. Don’t hurt anybody.”

“My exuberance and love of music came from my mum. Home alone at night, she’d entertain us. Mostly things from her own childhood, like The Shirelles, The Ronettes and The Supremes.

“She’d sing. We would act out plays or watch musicals. She loved the movie West Side Story and knew it by heart. I think maybe Mum was a frustrated entertainer and I am living her dream.

Finally, she adds, “I now want to be as good a mum to my children as my mother was to me.”

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