Korina Sanchez Denies Separation from Mar Roxas


Korina Sanchez seemed astonished with disbelief when asked point-blank by ABS-CBN showbiz TV program. ‘The Buzz, about her alleged separation from husband and now DOTC Secretary Mar Roxas.

Half in jest, her reaction to the malicious rumor was “Oh no, hanggang ngayon [up to now]?”

Sanchez said this separation allegation has crossed over from a mere showbiz intrigue to being a full-blown smear campaign against her and her husband.

She can only surmise that the rumor mill started grinding when they were seen less and less in public together.

To her dismay, when they started to go out again after Roxas came back from his vacation abroad, the rumor-mongers then turned to saying that it was all for show, or that they are just pretending that everything was still okay with their marriage.

Damn if you do, damn if you don’t.

Another issue that is being pointed to as the cause of their ‘troubled marriage’ is Korina’s busy career. Allegedly, Korina has been neglecting Mar because of her tight schedule. She re-joined ex-vice president Noli de Castro as anchor of TV Patrol a few months after the last election when she took a hiatus to help her husband in the campaign.

According to Korina Mar has never looked more handsome and it is all because of her. She said they diet and do yoga together.

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