Martin Nievera’s Absence in ASAP Is Not About Sarah Geronimo


ABS-CBN’s Sunday variety show “ASAP Rocks” had a comeback celebration theme last Sunday for the Pop Star Princess Sarah Geronimo. She left the country for a month to study singing and dancing abroad and her ASAP family prepared a prod for her. A lot was able to observe that amidst Geronimo’s celebration, concert king Martin Nievera wasn’t there. Since the latter is just one of the celebrities who has been actively using Twitter, his followers were eager to know why he was absent. The concert king then replied with the following tweets:

“u wanna know the sad truth? only if u have a persistent manager can u get the treatment u wish u had.”
“loyalty, faithfulness, being there from the 1st day, NONE of this matters. all u need is a loud demanding manager.”
“its better to be a diva pala…”

Because of the above tweets, a lot has been speculating that the concert king’s absence was due to the pop star princess’ comeback. However, Nievera made it clear that the incidents were not related to each other. “@lyannekeith04 it never was about Sarah. I have the highest respect and love for her,” he said. “Maybe my sadness stems from the reality that ASAP can do without me. I see it for myself. It’s a sad, happy pain.” Martin added.

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