Sarah Geronimo Denies Her Parents Have Separated


Sarah Geronimo was away for almost a month for a much-needed ‘vacation’ in Los Angeles where she also took dance and singing lessons on the side. Now, she is back and the first thing to welcome her are rumors that her parents, Delfin and Divine (who she was with her in the US) have separated.

Actually, the nasty rumor started as a ‘blind item’ on several tabloids, alleging that the parents of a certain singer have in fact separated but chose to live under the same roof for appearances sake.

The rumor persisted until Sarah Geronimo and her parents were eventually named in the supposed showbiz scoop.

Sarah clarifies that it is quite normal for families to have disagreements and that her own family is no exception. But she is quick to add that her parents have definitely not separated.

In an interview with ‘The Buzz’, Sarah discloses that she is not affected by the issue because God knows the truth and so does she.

Sarah adds that she copes with such ugly rumors by maintaining a positive outlook on life, and that she is happy that all the members of her family is alive and well.

She admits that her family is not perfect but their disagreements have not reached the point where they would rather go their separate ways.

The pop princess hopes and prays that they never reach that point.

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