Michelle Madrigal Denies She is the Azkals Rape Victim


A few days back, I wrote a piece on the four Azkal team members who were being accused of gang-raping a girl, and video-taping the incident, in the rest house of their team manager, Dan Palami.

Since the identity of the alleged rape victim was not mentioned in any news report, whether on TV or print, no name was mentioned.

Again, the players who got dragged into this gang-rape controversy were Simon Greatwich (midfielder), Neil Etheridge (goalkeeper), Anton del Rosario (defender), and Jason Sabio (defender).

As some of the accused issued their denials and team manager Palami also denied knowledge of any such incident happening in his home, speculations continued as to who the victim might have been.

Suddenly, actress Michelle Madrigal’s name was being mentioned as the possible gang-rape victim.

On July 12, Madrigal took to Twitter to deny being the alleged rape victim. She tweeted (published as is on Pep.ph), “Morning! don’t believe everything u read online or on the papers. its all rumors n accuzation. thanks to all my fans for being on my side and for the narrow minded people, may god bless u. let’s stay positive everyone! Think 1st sa tingin nyo ba kung nangyari talaga yun will be active on twitter? The boys don’t need this right now. lets pray that they win the game vs kuwait!”

Madrigal also denied having a romantic relationship with Neil Etheridge. They were rumored to be more than friends after they reportedly went out on a date.

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