Ruffa Gutierrez to Battle Over Children’s Custody


Ruffa Gutierrez with daughters Lorin and Venice

Ruffa Gutierrez with daughters Lorin and Venice

Former beauty queen Ruffa Gutierrez now faces one of the greatest battles of her life — the battle over the custody of her two daughters. On Wednesday night, Gutierrez tweeted, “Just received a shocking phone call. The storm I was anticipating is coming, SOON. Please pray for me as I fight the biggest battle of my life.”

According to a Philippines news program, Gutierrez posted another tweet regarding the mentioned “storm” but deleted it hours after. The talent show judge said that she will fight for her children ’til the very end and she’ll do everything to end this issue.

Gutierrez’ former husband, Yilmaz Bektas, a Turkish businessman is the father of the two daughters. The Gutierrez and Bektas had a grandiose wedding ceremony in 2003. The Philippines wedding was attended by celebrities from showbusiness and politics alike. The couple was based in Turkey until Ruffa moved out in 2007 and went back to the Philippines with her two daughters. Ruffa claims to be battered by Yilmaz which lead her to leaving her husband and fleeing from Turkey to her homeland.

Bektas sent an email to GMA Network airing his side on the issue. According to Yilmaz, Ruffa’s rights over the children are questionable because he was not given a chance to explain himself.

In the letter, Bektas states: “How does the court made a decree in favor of Ruffa without giving me the right to defense myself and gave the guardianship right of my children to her?”

He also asserts that he provides financial support to his children. “I always gave my money to my children.”

There was even an instance when he offered $2 million just to see his daughters for a week. He wrote, “I would not have offered 2 millions dollars to Ruffa in order to see my children for 1 week. She requested some time and, after talking to her father and mother, she did not accept this proposal.”

Looks like Yilmaz is now bringing the issue to court. “I need my rights to see my children with the law” he declares.

On Friday, in reaction to a tabloid headline, Ruffa tweeted: “To clear false reports and to pacify my loved ones who are worried: The Quezon City Regional Trial Court Branch 107 issued a decision last March 11, 2010, signed by presiding Judge Jose L. Bautista Jr. that I, Ruffa Gutierrez, won SOLE CUSTODY of my two daughters while their father, Yilmaz Bektas, was granted visitation rights.”

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