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Lady Gaga Likes Men with Long Hair


Lady Gaga likes her men long – long-haired that is, you malicious-minded people!

She revealed she thinks it will take a ‘mane’ man to tame her, someone with long hair and knows a lot about rock and roll.

The Lady was quoted as saying, “I like guys with long hair who know a lot about rock’n’roll.”

The ‘Judas’ and Born this Way singing sensation announced last May 2011 that she is no longer dating longtime beau, Luc Carl, who was a New York bartender and diet book author. Although they have been together for quite some time Lady Gaga admitted that she gets bored with men quite fast.

I reckon Lady Gaga feels none of the men she has been with measures up with her real idol – her father.

In another interview, she revealed she is a ‘daddy’s girl’ and aside from the adulation she is receiving from the music world right now, there is nothing she wants more than for her father to be proud of her.

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