Kat Von D’s Armpit Tattoo of Jesse James


Kat Von D recently revealed the latest addition to her numerous body ink – a tattoo on her left armpit of a young Jesse James. A surprise ‘homage’ to Jesse before they split-up.

Uh-oh… Now that they have parted ways and have called off their 6-month engagement what is she going to need a picture of Jesse for? As a constant reminder of a failed whirlwind relationship?

Has anyone not learned yet from Johnny Depp’s tattoo ‘Winona Forever’ boo-boo? Good thing Depp was able to ‘salvage’ the whole thing by changing it to “Wino Forever’, but even then it means “drunk’ or a chronic drinker.

There ought to be at least three rules when getting tattoos: 1. Remember that it is going to be PERMANENT – unless you can endure and afford several rounds of laser procedure to get it off. Still, a stain is likely to remain; 2. Do not get a tattoo when you are madly in love, drunk, depressed or having an emotional breakdown; 3. Get tattoos only of people you know for sure are going to be a part of your life no matter what – kids, your mother, or even your beloved pet.

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