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Helen Mirren And David Beckham Bagged “Body of The Year”


A very clear evidence that age is not a hindrance for having a hot body. Helen Mirren, 66 years old, just proved to everyone that at her age she can still beat younger stars like Jennifer Lopez, Pippa Middleton and Elle MacPherson. The Queen Oscar winner garnered nearly 18% of the survey conducted by the L.A. Fitness gym chain to 2000 people. Her opponent, 48 year old Elle MacPherson who is also known as “The Body” was chosen by just more than 10%. Kelly Brook, came in third with 8.35% followed by Jennifer Lopez who got 6.6% in the fourth place. Cherry Cole obtained the fifth place with 5.35% followed by Myleen Klass with 4.2%. Tailing in the 7th place is Holly Willoughby with 4.1% followed by Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa Middleton with 4% and occupied the 8th place. Kate Winslet made it to the 9th place with 3.9 percent followed by singer Nicole Scherzinger having 3.8%.

Helen Mirren’s acknowledgment didn’t shock everyone as her hotness was already proven by her topless pictures in New York Magazine as well as with her red bikini photo in 2008.

On the other hand, David Bekcham dominated the male category with 21% making the entire survey a back-to-back Brit win. He came in ahead of actors Daniel Craig and Johnny Depp in second and third place respectively. The 36 year old footballer managed to maintain his great body and still continues to place a lot of people in awe.

Here is the complete list of the winners:

1. Helen Mirren – 17.65%
2. Elle MacPherson – 10.6%
3. Kelly Brook – 8.35%
4. Jennifer Lopez – 6.6%
5. Cheryl Cole – 5.35%
6. Myleene Klass – 4.2%
7. Holly Willoughby – 4.1%
8. Pippa Middleton – 4%
9. Kate Winslet – 3.9%
10. Nicole Scherzinger – 3.8%

Others: 31.45%

Top 10 Male Celebrities

David Beckham – 21%
2. Daniel Craig – 15.75%
3. Johnny Depp – 10.25%
4. Brad Pitt – 9.35%
5. Peter Andre – 6.65%
6. David Hasselhoff – 3.55%
7. Rafael Nadal – 3.3%
8. Ryan Reynolds – 3%
9. Robbie Williams – 2.3%
10. Simon Cowell – 1.95%

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