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Ricky Martin: ‘I had a lot of anger’


‘Coming out of the closet’ is proving to be a great cathartic experience for Ricky Martin who revealed that he had a lot of pent-up anger prior to admitting to the whole world that he is gay.

He also admitted that the people around him, especially his family, also felt ‘tormented’ because they were more often than not on the receiving end of all his bad temper.

Ricky was quoted as saying, “Before I came out, I had a lot of anger. For years people would ask, ‘How are you doing?’ and I’d say, ‘Good, fine.’ It’s show business, and that’s what you have to show.”

He adds, “I was also angry toward my parents. You hurt the ones you love because you know they’ll be there tomorrow. But I wasn’t going to be truly happy until I understood that I had to be real and honest.”

I think hiding from the truth can do that to you. But, in Ricky Martin’s case, he had to hide the truth.

He rose to fame at a time when ‘gay’ celebrities were practically unheard of, add to that the fact that his popularity is anchored squarely on his teeny-bopper singing group, ‘Menudo’, who admittedly made up with good looks and charisma what they lacked in real, solid talent.

Good thing Ricky was able to re-establish his career after revealing his sexual preference.

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