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Paris Hilton’s Philippine Business Trip on August 13th


The very famous American hotel heiress,socialite and reality Tv star Paris Hilton, has officially announced her scheduled visit to the Philippines on her website.

Paris Hilton of the Hilton empire, has previously stated her intention to visit her friends and put up another business in the Philippines together with Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao whom she regards as friends and future business partners.

the socialite also expressed her admiration with Manny’s singing ability and her desire to have a duet with the boxing champ!(likethat would be a hit! Not of talent I guess but because they are Paris and Manny!)

Her Filipino fans got very much excited with Paris’ statements and their excitement reached to a fevered pitch when Paris’ homepage made a special announcement:”Paris will be visiting Manila in the Philippines and is looking forward to seeing her fans out there! Check back soon for more updates and an official announcement on August 17th!”

Her Filipino fans got more ecstatic when Paris herself announced her first visit in her Twitter account and even posted a message to a Filipina fan named Isha Dinio.

Paris tweeted:””Hey @iamishagirl, I’m flying to Manilla, Philippines on August 13th for a few days. Would love to meet up while I’m there. Love you. xo P”

This was followed by another tweet saying, “So excited to meet you in the Philippines!”

A link to her website was also included in it, where a thread of her conversation with her avid fan and messages from her other Pinoy fans were posted.

The 30-year-old heiress’ visit in Philippine will include a ,meeting with a local real estate company Century Properties for their business collaboration,also she is scheduled to meet with the company’s creative team for the structure design of Beach Club of Azure Urban Resort Residences.

Paris Hilton is also expected to visit the 8-division world boxing champion Manny Pacaquiao’s home.

Meanwhile, the real estate developer announced on its Twitter account yesterday, August 3, that they will also set a meet and greet for the Pinoy fans of Paris.

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