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Princess Catherine Housewife Mode, Does Her Own Grocery


Fresh from her Scotland trip to attend Zara Phillips’ wedding, the beautiful Duchess of Cambridge resumed in her wife role to husband Prince William.

One of the duchess’ itineraries was to fill their cupboard with grocery stocks.

Princess Catherine was was photographed with a push cart filled with plastic grocery bags in Tesco supermarket in North Wales.One of the apparent product on the princess’ list was a box of Kelllogs-which poked out from one of the bags.

Far from her royalty and elegant persona, Princess Catherine donned a simple ensemble of skinny jeans, a purple sweater and a scarf. Even on her simplicity,it couldn’t hide the fact that Kate Middleton looked every inch of a princess. She spent about 30 minutes in the store. She was accompanied by a modest security detail.

The supermarket is situated near Prince William’s workplace in Royal Air Force base where the future King of England works as a search-and-rescue helicopter pilot.

Grocery shopping is nothing unique for the royal bride. Not even a week after her wedding, she was spotted in the food aisles.

Truly, Kate Middleton is the epitome of what women should be-a true queen of the household! Simple yet elegant.Down-to-earth even if she could afford the skies.True to herself and not bothering to maintain a facade which befits a royalty and the most truly commendable about her is that,she live life normally despite her social and political stature.

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