Nate Berkus Happy for Brian Atwoods’s Engagement


Whoever said exes cannot be friends is dead wrong as far as Nate Berkus and Brian Atwood is concerned. As a matter a fact, the two are each other’s super-friend.

Both Nate and Brian, who were in a long-term relationship from 2007-2009, have happily moved on with each other’s lives, with Berkus feeling ecstatic over Atwood’s engagement to Dr. Jake Deutsch.

Nate revealed that he is thrilled about his ex-boyfriend’s engagement and said, “We are still in touch and I am really, really happy for him. Jake is a great guy.”

As for his own lovelife, Nate confirmed that he has a serious boyfriend of his own. He gushed, “I am in another relationship as well and have been for two years.” Although, he still refuses to reveal the identity of his architect boyfriend.

When asked if he is also planning to get engaged and tie the knot soon, he replied, “I’m not rushing down the aisle right now, but that is not a no!”

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