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Taylor Swift’s Wardrobe Malfunction is a big hit!


Uh-oh… Note to self (or actually this is for Taylor Swift and other singers and stage performers), do not wear a short dress made of light material and peppered with heavy pleating when performing on stage because what happened to singer Taylor Swift can and will definitely happen to you.

Swift’s wardrobe malfunction, which happened while she was belting out her hit song, ‘You belong with me’, is a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. She was wearing a heavily pleated above-the-knee-length blue cocktail dress made of a chiffon-like material (or some other light fabric).

The fabric naturally swayed with every move she made and the even the slightest gust o wind, possibly from a wind-blowing machine, made the skirt-part of the dress fly up to Taylor’s back – exposing her butt, or rather her underwear.

Speaking of her underwear, was that a padded underwear I saw on Taylor? I think it is because I have seen it before in lingerie stores up close. It is also the very same thing British fashion gurus are alleging Pippa Middleton was wearing underneath her royal wedding bridesmaid dress.

Taylor Swift’s wardrobe malfunction video during her concert at St. Louis garnered a total of more than 10 million views from all the videos uploaded in Youtube. Here’s a clear version of Taylor Swift showing her ass off. (Tip: You can watch the 1080p full HD version of the video at Youtube to experience full glory!)

Want to play it over and over again? Download the MP4 version (for iPad, iPod and iPhone) of Taylor Swift’s Wardrobe Malfunction video below:
» Taylor Swift Wardrobe Malfunction Video (17.7MB)

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  1. jasper says:

    oh this is sooo cute! taylor swift is really hot!

  2. Vincette says:

    watch it on 1080p guys! it’s the best wardrobe malfunction ever!


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