Iza Calzado Confirms Breakup with Atticus King


Philippine actress Iza Calzado confirms rumors making the tabloid rounds that she has indeed broken up with boyfriend of two and a half years, Atticus King.

Iza celebrated her 29th birthday on ‘Eat Bulaga’ and many were puzzled why she was very emotional that day, prompting a one-on-one interview last August 21 with Calzado’s Eat Bulaga co-host Pia Guanio in Guanio’s showbiz talk-show, ‘Showbiz Central’.

In the said interview, Iza finally admitted once and for all that she has been single for quite some time.

When asked why they broke up, Iza had this to say, “Sometimes it’s because… ano ba yung sabi nila? Na, ‘Some people are there for a reason or a lifetime.’

“I think for this one, it’s for a reason and a season.

“Because, for a reason, I had to learn so many things from him, and I did.

“And I’m very, very grateful to him, his family, and to the relationship that we had because I don’t think I’ll be this woman that I am now if not for that relationship.

“And unfortunately, I can’t really say that it’s for a lifetime.

“Maybe the friendship will be for a lifetime, and I’d love for the friendship to be there forever.

“But iyon, kumbaga, we had a good run, tapos na.

“Masaya naman kaming nagkasundo na, tapos na ang lahat, and we ended it well.

“And now it’s time for us to live our lives, kumbaga, separately.”

[Iza, it is not the end of the world. The good thing is you found out that he is not the man for you early on, instead of getting married to him and eventually separating because you were really not meant to be.]

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