Jerry Yan: A Disaster Magnet!


Asian superstar, Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan issurrounded with negative energy these past days.

The Meteor Garden star,according to reports from May Daily site,is said to be afflicted with hypomanic disorder and was seriously injured while filming an action-filled scene for his new TV drama in Shanghai.

Aside from the physical injuries,Jerry Yan is also reported to have had an emotional upheaval and was allegedly seen by a number of witnesses who could see that the actor is troubled with depression and often vents out his anger by punching the wall.

The former leader of the most popular Asian group,the Taiwanese F4,is said to have had lost 7 kgs in matter of days.

Well,he’s bound to get unlucky sometime,as he was bursting with luck during his Dao Ming Si days till the recent misfortunes.

Moreover, Jerry Yan’s negativity may have reached the ears of the Chinese gods,as he was hit pretty badly by an extra and prompted him to bleed profusely. He was then rushed to a hospital.

Last month, he was troubled by an eye inflammation and just recently, three weeks earlier, the 34-year-old actor was accidentally boxed on the chin by fellow artist Chen Yan Fei and is having recurring toothache as a result.

Probably,Jerry Yan has have a hard time dealing stress and more often attracts negative vibes more than positive ones.

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