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Nigella Lawson Can be Seen Naked by Neighbors


‘How to be a domestic Goddess’ author and television cook, Nigella Lawson recently figured in a controversy of sorts after her neighbors revealed that they can see her naked through the bathroom window of her posh London mansion.

The voluptuous television cook’s mansion is in Chelsea West London, and she shares the home with her 68- year-old husband Charles Saatchi, the arts patron. The mansion is said to include a stylish loggia with the luxurious bathroom beyond where neighbors are given a ‘free’ peek at what is going on.

The couple is said to have shunned fittings such as frosted glass or even a door, which give the neighbors a “clear view into the room”, and a glimpse of Lawson “au naturel”.

A neighbor was quoted as saying, “It isn’t a case of deliberately looking in, but there is a view into the bathroom and anyone glancing in the direction of the loggia from nearby can glimpse what’s going on.”

Lawson laughed off the embarrassing revelation, saying however that, “I had no idea we were overlooked. Obviously, I will investigate.”

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