Toni Gonzaga Caught Off Guard By Boyfriend’s Unexpected Question


Toni Gonzaga’s segment of the showbiz show The Buzz has never been that exciting last Sunday when her real-life boyfriend Director Paul Soriano became her guest. During the episode, Toni obviously looked nervous but excited on how the interview would turn out to be. She often displays a bubbly attitude in her segment but this time around, she appeared anxious.

It started with a TVC of Paul’s father saying all praises to his son. His father, Jeric Soriano is also a renowned director like Paul and he made mention that Paul is such a loving person to his family that he will do anything just to make his family happy. Toni even joked around by as assuming that she’s already part of Paul’s family as well where it earned cheers from the audience.

During the interview, Paul said he is upset of the recent gossip linking him to Maja Salvador who stars his film Thelma. He also made it clear that he never cheated on his girlfriend which then made Toni’s smile reached almost her ears.

All of Toni’s questions were about Paul’s film but towards the end, Paul suddenly asked her a question that caught her off guard. He said that he’s been asked by a lot of people on when are they getting married and now hes throwing back the question to Toni by asking when is she going to be ready.

Toni obviously felt nervous and didn’t directly answer the unexpected question. She left the audience hanging by saying “I will be ready when…” followed by mentioning her sponsors. Paul remained game as ever and just smiled and thanked the audience.

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    hi miss toni..succesful talaga ang concert mo.we love u i hope more works to come….


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