Rob Kardashian Wants to Lose Weight on DWTS


Another Kardashian out to hog (no pun intended) the spotlight?

This time it is Rob Kardashian’s turn to star to get some fame all to himself. He is joining this season’s Dancing With The Stars along with other celebs like Chaz Bono, Kristin Cavallari, Ricky Lake, Nancy Grace, Elisabetta Canalis, and David Arquette, among others.

Aside from getting his share on the fame game, Rob Kardashian has another goal he has set for himself – lose weight.

Rob said, “I really want to get into shape. You probably wouldn’t know, but I’m the most insecure and overweight I’ve ever been. I’m over 200 pounds, so I want to drop weight and this will be a good start.”

He admits though that dancing is not really his forte, saying, “I’m not a confident dancer at all. And down the road… I don’t want to be that guy who doesn’t dance at his own wedding!”

So, aside from wanting to lose weight, why did he join? His mom-ager, Kris Jenner forced him to.

Rob admitted, “My mom pretty much forced me to do this show. She did it to Kim and now she’s doing it to me! [She] just says, ‘Smile and be yourself””

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