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Mark Anthony Finally Opens Up About Split


Since the July announcement that his marriage with superstar Jennifer Lopez was over, not much has been heard from Mark Anthony on what really caused the break-up of his seven-year marriage with the ‘American Idol’ judge.

This time, Anthony is speaking up after getting involved in another controversy, as the other man in Jada Pinkett-Smith’s life.

For the record, Anthony denies his involvement with Pinkett-Smith, his co-star in ‘Hawthorne’. He calls such a controversy among celebrities ‘a sport’ that the media plays.

He also said that the split with Jennifer was amicable, denying any infidelity was involved in the breakup of their marriage.

Anthony said, “It wasn’t some sensationalistic happening. It was a realization on both our parts, you know, It wasn’t shocking…These things happen.”

“It (the decision to divorce) was a decision that we made jointly,” he added.

“I will always love Jennifer, she knows that and my kids know that,” Anthony declared, calling Lopez a “wonderful” woman, mother and friend.

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