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Paris Hilton Coming to Mumbai


To end months and weeks of speculation on whether Paris Hilton is coming to India or not, event organizers confirmed that the international celebutant, heiress and entrepreneur is indeed coming to Mumbai later this month to launch her line of handbags and accessories in India.

According to Brand Concepts CEO Abhinav Kumar, Hilton will be in Mumbai for three days.

Kumar added that besides launching her line of handbags and accessories designed by her, and branded ‘Paris Hilton’, Paris will also interact with her fans.

“We did an extensive research on popular fashion accessories abroad and we were delighted to find that Paris Hilton’s collection had the maximum brand recall,” Kumar adds.

Moreover, Paris Hilton and members of her team flat out denies that they contacted Bollywood actress, Kangna Ranaut to represent the ‘Paris Hilton’ brand.

An official statement from Hilton’s representatives reads, “Paris Hilton Fashions (PHF) officially denies approaching Bollywood actress Kangna Ranaut, who claims that she is all set to be the face of PHF in India. Paris is a global mega-star and does not need anyone else to be the face of her fashion line, anywhere in the world. Kangna was only briefly introduced to Paris in Dubai by Paris’ friend and Kangna’s then-boyfriend Adhyayan Suman.”

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