Simon Cowell Sends Former Fiance To a Graveyard Mansion


Entertainment mogul,SIMON Cowell has send another tearful girlfriend to his girlfriend junkyard mansion.

Cowell’s who nearly heard wedding bells with former fiance Mezghan Hussainy has called off their relationship and sent the heartbroken make-up artist out of his Beverly Hills mansion.

Though,hard as steel, Cowell shows consideration with dumped girlfriends. The X-Factor judge/producer reportedly owns another Hollywood mansion built for his former girlfriends before they disappear from his life completely. This mansion is dubbed as Simon Cowell’s ” girlfriend graveyard”by his friends.

Simon Cowell has moved Hussainy from his Beverly Hills mansion to the girlfriend graveyard ‘s fiancee Mezghan Hussainy has reportedly moved out of his Beverly Hills mansion. Hussainy is not the first former girlfriend to move to this girlfriend graveyard. Terri Seymour used to live in the “graveyard” after they have separated in 2008.

“It looks like history is repeating itself,” a source said.

“Some people have jokingly said that this other house is his girlfriend graveyard. It’s almost as though the girls get sent there when the relationship has died.

“When Simon split up with Terri she moved into the hillside house for about 18 months before then moving to another pad which Simon is supposed to have paid for.”

A staff from his L.A mansion confirms Mezghan is currently living at the mansion,“Yes, she is living here. She is here now.”

Simon Cowell,51 years old, revealed to a radio DJ that he is “not sure” whether he is still engaged to the 38-year-old beauty — and his 86-year-old mum Julie has since revealed she has not seen Mezghan “for months”.

When asked about the couple’s relationship, Simon’s mum said, “I honestly don’t know, I’ve hardly seen him. I saw him three days last week and he was working constantly, of course, every day in the studio while he was here. I met him briefly for dinner and he didn’t discuss anything with me. He’s very private, Simon, about his personal life. He won’t talk about it, so I’m as much in the dark as everyone else.

“I haven’t seen Mezhgan for months — she’s been in America all this time and I don’t know if she’s working or what, because she has her make-up company and is very busy and I’ve been on holiday, but she hasn’t rung me for weeks. Mezhgan used to call me w

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