James and Phil Younghusband Recounted Last Moments With Their Mum


Brothers James and Phil Younghusband of the Philippine Azkals’ sudden loss of their mother has brought a great shock to their family.Just 49 years old with no serious illness, Mrs. Younghusband’s early departure is totally depressing to the siblings especially their youngest sister Keri.

The day Mrs.Younnghusband died, the two football brothers,were, at the time in Bacolod together with the other members of the national team,when their sister Keri called them from Manila crying heavily.

“She was crying,” Phil said as he recalled his conversation with Keri. “She was saying that mum’s not waking up.”

Their mum may have gone too soon,but she was assured that her sons love her deeply. Phil shared with TV5 the last words he had with his mum.

“I love you” were his last meaningful message before his mum passed away last September 10, due to massive heart attack.

On the other hand,his brother James recalled their mum helping him pack his things for their training in Bacolod.

The 24-year-old footballer told News 5, “Mum, even put my clothes inside my bag.”

For Phil and James, their mother was their number one fan and would continue to improve their play for her.Thinking that their mother will want them to be the best footballers and her passing would not stop them from competing and representing the country in the upcoming Long Teng Cup in Taiwan.

“She wants us to continue playing,” James said about his mother.

Mrs.Younghusband’s remains lie at Manila Memorial Park in Parañaque.

In helping ease their grief, relatives,fellow Azkals members,Phil’s rumored girlfriend Angel Locsin were seen at the wake.

Susan’s remains will be buried on Thursday at the Heritage Park in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

The final mass will be celebrated at 10 a.m. at the Manila Memorial Park, followed by the interment.

With her passing,the responsibility of taking care of the 10-year-old Keri is left in the hands of Phil and James.

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