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Jessica Simpson On The Brink Of Insanity


JESSICA Simpson is on the verge of biting her hair off!

The former blonde bombshell, according to reports, is having her stress level continuously escalates as her wedding day comes.

As the American tabloid National Enquirer reports, the singer turned actress -who is getting married to fiancee Eric Johnson,is getting nuts over her upcoming matrimony and she’s begging her future hubby to get the hell out of the media frenzy and get married in clandestine!

A friend of the couple revealed “Jessica wants to elope.”

“She said that if she doesn’t act fast, the tension could cause her to scrap their engagement altogether.

“Jessica can’t even make the simplest decisions like what perfume she’ll wear because she is terrified of being scrutinized.

“And she’s having problems with her fiance. If Eric starts asking too many questions, Jessica bites his head off.

“She’s also argued with him about his desire to serve only vegan food, including a vegan wedding cake.

“She knows she’s being a real-life ‘Bridezilla,’ but can’t help herself. It’s caused her to have frequent breakouts on her face, and she’s turning to food for comfort.

“Eric is doing his best to calm her, but she’s such a mess he’s considering bowing to her wishes and eloping to save their relationship.”

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