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Elisabetta Canalis Strips for PETA


Whoever said she needed George Clooney to get the Hollywood attention she relished while she was with him has been proven wrong. Elisabetta Canalis can have all the media and public attention she wants – especially when she strips down naked.

But, Elisabetta is unveiling her gorgeously sculpted body for a good cause – PETA.

Yes, George Clooney’s ex-girlfriend is the latest celebrity to strip down for animal rights group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), unveiling her campaign and her naked body in Beverly Hills on Tuesday.

The Italian TV host and model, whose very much publicized split from A-list Hollywood actor Clooney was tabloid fodder, has long been against the use of fur.

She told Reuters, “This is a thing which I personally believe and trust in, so nobody told me to do it. Since I was a little kid, I was against fur, I never wore fur in my life.”

“If you know what happens all around the world, everyday, like, 50,000 — more than that — animals are killed, bludgeoned, drowned, electrocuted, skinned alive, just for vanity. That’s enough I think,” Canalis adds.

Her campaign will be shown prominently in Milan, where designers are still known to use fur in their collections.

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