Lea Salonga: ‘I Placed Her (Miss Philippines) Higher’


Did she or didn’t she help Miss Angola win the Miss Universe 2011 title by asking a relatively easy question in the Question and Answer portion?

Maybe she did, but Lea Salonga would like to ask her fellow Filipinos ‘not to shoot the messenger’ because she really was just a ‘messenger’ of sorts, asking a question she did not write herself.

Lea would like to clarify that she was not the one who wrote the question that eventually sealed the fate of Miss Angola to be this year’s Miss Universe – it was the guys of Miss Universe.

She tweeted, “Just so you all know, I didn’t write my question. All our questions are pre-written and each judge is assigned one. Luck of the draw.”

Asked whether she believes Miss Philippines, Shamcey Supsup, deserved her 3rd runner up spot, Lea’s response was, “I placed her (Shamcey) higher. But I’m only 1 of 9 judges, and someone might have placed her 5th. Law of averages put her in 4th place.”

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