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Gerard Butler: Fit and Funny


“I ate my last meal in October”, Gerard Butler told ‘Us Weekly’ to explain his massive weight loss. A look at the before and after pictures would make your jaws drop.

What’s more, if you have seen him in ‘300’, with all the muscles and the six-pack abs you probably would not even know that the ‘skinny-looking’ guy is the same Gerard Butler.

But, he is looks how he looks now – for a movie role.

For his role in ‘Mavericks’, where he plays a surfer-dude, the actor took his commitment to physical fitness to whole a new level! “I ate my last meal in October, and I run about 40 miles a day,” he told Us Weekly “I’m joking! It’s just doing a lot of cardio and extremely watching what I eat. I stopped lifting big weights and I’m doing yoga.”

So, how did he attain his toned, lean physique? “It’s not hard to stay in shape. It’s hard to be in really good shape,” he explained.

“If I wear a long shirt, everyone says, ‘Oh my, God! He lost so much weight.’ But this is how I look. I just used to be a lot bigger. But now I’m surfing. I’m doing a surf movie so I have to slim down. I don’t know… maybe I’m sick or something!”, he adds.

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