Sarah Hyland Hated Lea Michele’s Dress


Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland did not say yes to Glee’s Lea Michele’s dress – as a matter of fact Hyland hated Michele’s dress and even playfully poked fun at Lea’s red carpet posing style during E!’s Fashion Police.

As expected gleeks are not too happy about her comments.

Still, Hyland will not apologize for what she said, explaining, “I’m an outspoken person,” she explained. “I own what I said about that outfit. And I mimicked what I saw with my own two eyes.”

Instead, she took to her Twitter account to say, “I did not intend for my comments to be taken in a malicious way. But I did hate the dress. Called her ass great. Did you all hear that one?”

She adds, “Congrats Lea. You know how to work the red carpet. I can’t take it as seriously as you. I can’t take myself that seriously. I don’t like the red carpet. I feel silly. So props to her for knowing what she’s doing and enjoying it.”

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