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Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Body Dysmorphic Disorder


Hollywood celebrities, whether they have real or imagined reasons, are not always happy with what they see looking back at them when they stand in front of the mirror – and they now have a term for it: Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

Body dysmorphic disorder is a disease in which a person becomes obsessed with an imagined flaw in his or her appearance.

And, Sarah Michelle Gellar admits to having it.

In the October issue of ‘Health’ magazine, Gellar reveals, “I totally have body dysmorphic disorder. I think most women do. I just have to remember that I’m human, and I’m a mom. Being a parent changes the vanity at least a little bit.”

Gellar adds that if ever she needed inspiration to workout to have a better-looking body she would never use a photo of another actress’ body, saying, “You have to use yourself as inspiration. I think if I was going to put something up, I would put a picture of myself where I was proud of my body. But I would rather not look at a picture of myself on my fridge.”

I don’t know what body ‘flaw’ she is talking about, she looks great to me. Naturally, as a woman ages she will not be as fit and athletic-looking as when she was younger unless she continued with the same active lifestyle as she gets older.

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