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Ashley Judd In New Film “Dolphin Tale”


Ashley Judd stars as a single mom in the new film “Dolphin Tale”, a feel-good movie for the family that opened this weekend. Judd reunites with Harry Connick Jr. with whom he has worked with in 2006 for the psychological drama “Bug”.

Judd’s character Lorraine Nelson is a single mom whose son Sawyer (played by Nathan Gamble) seems lost when his father left him. Sawyer finds purpose when he chances upon a wounded porpoise. Lorraine being the concerned mom helps her son give the dolphin a prosthetic fin.

Alcon Entertainment brings “Dolphin Tale” as a follow up to another feel-good film “The Blind Side”. Morgan Freeman and Kris Kristofferson provide support to Judd and Connick in the cast. The plot may not make for a potential award though it is pleasantly positive and light-hearted.

Even Judd’s acting may not win her an award like Sandra Bullock did for “The Blind Side” but the chemistry between Lorraine and Connick’s character Dr. Clay Haskett may give us a hint that a sequel is in order.

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