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Demi Moore Too Distraught to Eat?


Demi Moore must be thinking, “Don’t be mad, be beautiful”, after all when your much-younger husband cheats on you with a strikingly beautiful and sexy even-younger woman, what else can you do to compete but try to be the most beautiful you can be?

But, Moore’s close pals are starting to worry — Demi has become frighteningly skinny after Kutcher’s one-night-stand / sex scandal with Sara Leal broke out. Just look at the pictures.

“She is superskinny, and it’s hard to look at,” one friend tells the new issue of ‘Us Weekly’.

And, it seems that as rumors continue to plague Moore and her ‘Two and a Half Men’ star husband, she becomes more and more focused on perfecting her figure that she even signed up for a juice-cleanse delivery service.

However, another pal insists Moore’s skinny figure is not all about vanity, saying, “She’s very upset, and hasn’t been eating. It’s taking a toll.”

Whether Moore and Kutcher will separate or not is still up in the air. They were last seen on a camping trip one weekend, but on Thursday a moving truck was spotted leaving the Los Angeles area home shared by the embattled couple.

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