Wayne Newton Converts Las Vegas Estate Into Tourist Destination


Wayne Newton has just recently announced that his Las Vegas property called the Casa de Shenandoah is ready to become a tourist attraction real soon. The 40-acre property has been undergoing major works to convert it into a public tourist destination for almost a year. It was initially planned to open in December but delays in securing the necessary construction permits and some changes to plans may have caused some delays.

Newton may open the estate for promotional tours in November but the public tours will not be available until February of next year. This means that potential visitor will have to wait a few more months before they get to see some of the most exotic collection of animals such as Arabian horses and South African penguins.

More structures are being constructed such as a museum and a theater wherein the Las Vegas icon may be performing once in a while. The museum will serve as home to some 17-th century antique items and rare painting works by Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

This move may not make his neighbors happy but it will provide around 400 names stricken off the unemployment list once it is operational. Newton and his family will soon be moving to a smaller property as they showcase their estate to the public.

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