Claudine Barretto Loses Money at the Bank


What is up with Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago? Could it be true that they are having marital problems as well that led to a ‘race’ to the bank to withdraw all the money in their joint account?

Reports have it that Claudine even brought along her lawyer and that a GMA News reporter was also present when some sort of chaos ensued after Claudine found out that the money in her and her husband’s joint account is gone — withdrawn through an inter-branch transaction while Claudine herself was racing to effect a withdrawal.

According to reports Claudine arrived with her lawyer at the bank and proceeded to confirm that the money was still intact before queuing up to make the withdrawal transaction. But, after more than 30 minutes of waiting, they were still unable to make the withdrawal and was instead informed that the money was already withdrawn from another branch.

As was mentioned, the money was in the joint account of Claudine and Raymart Santiago and only the two of them can make a transaction with or without the other. Thus, the banking terminology ‘and/or’.

Claudine refused to comment on what happened and instead left the bank sobbing. Up to this time Raymart has still to issue a statement.

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