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Mark Wahlberg Opens Burger Joint


Mark Wahlberg will not be denied — the ‘Wahlburgers’ brand name is his and his alone (Well, maybe, he co-owns it with his brothers).

It is like a dream come true for Mark Wahlberg and his brothers, Paul and Donnie, when they finally opened up their Wahlburgers restaurant in Hingham, Massachusetts.

You see, they had to go through some legal obstacles at first because somebody else owned and was using the name “Wahlbergers” for a fast food chain in upstate New York, where the burgers sold for $4.49.

But, all is history now as the Wahlberg brothers had their grand opening with mom Alma Elaine joining them on the red carpet.

With Paul being the top chef, the restaurant’s menu offers hamburgers with his secret sauce, white bean and prosciutto soup, and Italian cold cut sandwiches (among other items).

Since Mark and his brothers are now manning the resto, the burgers are just a few dollars more at $6.25, but The Wahlburgers’ menu promises that dining in their restaurant will feel like a meal at the Wahlbergs’ own home.

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