Super Junior Kyuhyun’s Before Eye Surgery Photo Revealed


Asia’s top boy group Super Junior has their own share of handsome secrets.Just recently,one of the members of the originally 13-member group has admitted to have had undergone plastic surgery and improve his looks.

On an episode of “Golden Fishery-Radio Star”-where he is also one of the hosts, Kyuhyun of SuJu unintentionally admitted that he had gone under the knife and had his eyes done,when MC Kim Gura questioned him about it.

Kyuhyun caught in between of honesty and his image, unintentionally blurted, “Both my parents had double-eyelids,” Kyu Hyun explained. “I was the only one that didn’t.”

After his shocking confession, SuJu’s maknae’s photos way before his debut in Super Junior resurfaced causing quite a stir among netizens!

It became the hottest issue in South Korea’s entertainment industry (Actually,there’s no point for them to be shocked as plastic surgery in the country is quite common!) and became the hottest discussion among netizens as they searched and scavenged old photos of Super Junior’s youngest member.

Their curiosity surely paid off as they found a still unaltered photo of the young singer.

In the photo,it is quite noticeable the changes in Kyuhyun’s face having his eyelids done. Before surgery,Kyuhyun looks like typical South Korean man without double eyelids and slanted eyes.

After seeing his past pictures, netizens quickly voiced their opinions.Some commented their dislike and shock about what they thought was a handsome prince while others defended him as being a very talented celebrity that far surpasses what science had given him,and a very few actually liked his birth face.“Surgery or no surgery, he is still Super Juniors Kyuhyun”

An honest opinion, celebrities have valid reason why they subject themselves to plastic surgery. Their looks and their image are the primary capital to make a name in the business.They serve as the epitome for their fans.

If you ask me about plastic surgery a year ago,I would say this is definitely unacceptable since they are fooling their fans with their fake facade,but I don’t really blame them.They are just trying to earn money.

Inevitably,more people are drawn to handsome celebrities than the not-so-good-looking ones,however,its their talent and what they can bring to the table that is more important and will make them sustain in the entertainment business.

(Good thing this came out before Kyuhyun started his family. Watta shock for his wife to discover their child will look totally different from either of them!)

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  1. Angela says:

    Oh my God!!! I can’t believe this! This is not true! if you bitches cannot do something,go and fuck yourselves with another celebrities!

    • librasun says:

      Hey! friend..Mee 2.I’m a big fan of KyuHyun..But it’s real..Plz accept it..If U don’t believe,U can find the proof from Web!Don’t blame the others like this! 🙂

  2. librasun says:

    His Handsome face is 4the girls who like fame & being celebrity..
    Birth face is 4 true love!(should focus on his performance only)
    Choose 1 & make sure Urself!But he really really did this..Can Search on Web ! 🙂

  3. FuryTigresse says:

    It’s not like surgeries are that uncommon, honestly… Anyways, he has such a beautiful voice, who cares what he looked like before? He still has the voice of an angel, and if he only got his eyes changed, it’s okay, it’s not like he had been redoing his entire face ~
    Anyways, he’s still not completely perfect (his left eye is smaller than his right eye, it shows a lot when he’s tired xD), he’s still human :3
    I’m a total Evil Maknae biased fangirl, so maybe this comment was altered a bit by my biased feelings, but still, his voice is great, and the surgery just makes it easier to love him <3


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