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Teen Star Perfume Advertisement Band in United Kingdom


Dakota Fanning’s perfume advertisement received criticism from readers when she posed in Marc Jacob’s Oh, Lala! Perfume holding a flower – designed perfume bottle placed in between her thighs.

The said commercial came out in some magazines and newspapers all over UK. Some readers said that the advertisement was “irresponsible” and that Fanning illustrated it in a “sexual manner”.

Advertising Standard Authority also known as ASA took immediate action of the said complaints. Base on ASA’s rules, the advertisement “was sexually provocative and drew attention to her sexuality.”

On the other hand, the publication who administer the ad did not agree on the complaint. The spokesperson of the said company explained that the target market of the said commercial are adults ranging from 25 years old and above. However ASA is firm with their decision that the ad can never be seen again in any UK publications.

Coty Inc., the perfume maker, also argued with ASA and said that the as may be “provoking but not indecent” since it did not showcase the teen star’s private parts.

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