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Katy Perry: From Blonde to Pink and then Blue


True to the old girly practice of changing hairstyle post breakup, Katy Perry shows the world how its supposed to be done. The erstwhile Mrs. Brand was spotted earlier, by a fan, sporting a shocking blue bag hair.

According to avid fan Eric Berlanger, the 27 year old pop singer was in her van when she saw him. She told her driver to stop and chatted with the lucky Berlanger. She even gamely posed for a photo.

While hair coloring is not something unnatural for the 27 year old pop singer– she has been dyeing her hair blonde, pink, lavender, and all other shades of the rainbow–, it was the world’s first look on her after a self-imposed seclusion following her divorce from English comedian Russell Brand.

But, as reports uncovered, the “I Kissed a girl” crooner’s blue locks are for a commercial shoot she is doing for Adidas. Berlanger also told the media that the former gospel singer was anything but blue with regards to her mood.

Wearing a star-spangled Adidas tracksuit, the sexy chanteuse was really nice and happy during the brief encounter. She, apparently, was also friendly. Recognizing the fan from previous encounters, the pop sensation accosted him

Perry first met her ex-husband, Brand, in the summer of 2008. They became a couple in 2009 and got married on October 23, 2010 in a tiger sanctuary in India. The couple divorced after 14 months of marriage with brand filing irreconcilable differences as the grounds.

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