15.5-pound Baby Born in China Sets New Record As Heaviest Baby


A 15.5-pound baby boy named Chun Chun born in China sets new record as the heaviest baby born in record. This is heavier than the 14-pound baby named Asher that was born in Iowa to Kendall Stewardson which we reported a week ago.

Unlike Kendall who gave birth to Asher through normal labor, Wang Yujuan, the 29-year old mother delivered the 15.5-pound baby Chun Chun via a 20-minute Caesarian method in a local hospital located in Xinxiang City in China’s Henan Province. Chun Chun’s big sister is also heavyweight who weighed 8.8 pounds at birth. She is now 6 years old.

15.5-pound Baby Chun Chun

The Sun reported that baby Chun Chun edged out three other babies as the heaviest baby born in China. These babies were born between the years 2008 and 2010, all of whom weighed exactly 15.4 pounds.

“I clearly felt that my body was more clumsy than when I had been pregnant with my daughter. My belly was bigger than it was then. I guessed the baby would be between ten and 11 pounds. I never expected to hear that he weighs 15.5 pounds,” Chun’s mother said.

“My wife was not different from other pregnant women. She ate and drank normally as she should. But she’s given birth to such a big, fat son. Today is the first day of spring in the Chinese calendar and he’s a ‘dragon baby’. I feel very happy,” Han Jingang, father of the 15.5-pound baby told local broadcaster Xinxiang Television.

At 15.5 pounds, Chun Chun is definitely the largest and heaviest baby born in China. However, the Guinness World Record for heaviest baby goes to a baby born in 1879 weighing 23 pound 12 ounce. Sadly, the giant baby died 11 hours after birth.

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