Katy Perry and Russell Brand Divorce All Set Up


Katy Perry was all smile when she signed the divorce papers. Although they have to wait for 6 months until it’s official, the couple have decided to end everything in good terms. According to AP, the singer and her estranged husband were granted a divorce by Judge Marc Marmaro of Los Angeles Court. The AP also added that Katy asked for the court to restore her maiden name which is Katherine Elizabeth Hudson.

According to sources, the happy attitude of Katy might be for the reason that Russell have not demanded for any claim to her despite the law stating that he is entitled to half of her estate. The couple did not did not sign a pre – nuptial agreement and TMZ reported that he will not do it since both of them agrees to it.

Russell Brand filed for a divorce last December with the reason of “ irreconcilable differences.” They have been married for 14- months. Currently, Russell has been receiving text messages from ex- flame Kate Moss. He was also involve with American singer – songwriter Zooey Deschanel.

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