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Whitney Houston Purchased $.5M Worth of Drugs


Whitney Houston may have been finally laid to rest, but the issues surrounding her untimely demise continue to swirl as people are still in a quandary as to how bad her drug addiction was, pending the much-awaited toxicology report.

But, toxicology findings aside, various reports have surfaced saying that Houston ‘binged’ on cocaine, alcohol and prescription pills months before her death. Whitney’s addiction was said to have been so bad that just two days before she died, Whitney allegedly bought three-and-a-half grams of cocaine from her drug supplier… who posed as an autograph-seeking fan.

The self-confessed drug dealer, David Joseph, said he concealed the stash in a pen and acted like an excited fan asking for an autograph from Houston who was then partying at the Tru Hollywood nightclub in Los Angeles days before she was found dead in her bathtub on February 11.

According to Joseph, Houston kept the pen, returned his piece of paper, complete with autograph, with the $300 payment hidden underneath.

Joseph also revealed that over the “last couple of weeks…four or five grand” worth of cocaine had been ordered by Houston.

“Total? Maybe half a million, or something,” he estimated.

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