Fans React to Rihanna-Chris Brown Reunion


Rihanna and Chris Brown have just ‘reunited’ via the remix of Rihanna’s single ‘Birthday Cake’.

The latest collaboration on the remix track comes from Rihanna’s album ‘Talk That Talk’ and it marks the first time that the former lovers are back together after the infamous incident in 2009 where Brown pleaded guilty to felony assault of his then girlfriend (Yes, up to this day, the gory pictures of a battered Rihanna still hound feminist and anti-domestic violence groups).

For now, this is how far their reunion goes as no official word has come from either party that they are back together as lovers.

But, the Twitter universe is now flooded with fan reactions, indicating that they have not forgotten that ugly incident three years ago and that they fear a repeat of that brutal assault that happened to Rihanna.

For his part, Brown has been trying to turn his life around since then, going as far as attending anger-management classes but there is concern about reviving old issues through the latest collaboration work with Rihanna.

For pure music fans, ‘Birthday Cake’ could be a gift from two talented artists. They can choose to just enjoy the music as it is. What happens between the former lovers who may have dropped the ‘ex’ may be a totally different story.

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