Executive Producer Reveals ‘The Walking Dead Season 2’ Spoiler


The first half of ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2 focused on developing the characters of the zombie apocalypse survivors until a climactic mid-season finale with a shocking revelation. Now that the futile search for Sophia is over, things are beginning to pick up in the last two episodes after the mid-season break.

The tension between Shane, Rick and Lori has been building up and executive producer Glen Mazzara reveals that the rest of the remaining survivors will be dragged right in the middle, and that includes Andrea. Shane could not let go of his feelings for Lori and has intentions of wresting leadership of the group from Rick.

The TV series obviously did not fully adapt to the comic book version written by Robert Kirkman wherein Rick’s son Carl killed Shane during an earlier clash over leadership of the group. How long the TV series will keep Shane’s character with the group remains to be seen as the tension between him and best friend Rick is about to reach its boiling point.

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