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Rowan Atkinson Upset About Ageism


Johnny English star Rowan Atkinson thinks that Miriam O’ Reilly’s dismissal from the show Countryfile yesterday was because of her age. He thinks this is an ” attack on creative free expression.”

Mr. Bean said the organizers should have a ” complete creative latitude to include or exclude anybody or anything for any reason.” He also added that he can’t blame O’ Reilly for filing a case against BBC although he thinks that television won’t be able to help her on the case.

” Her complaint that she was fired from the Countryfile program for being too old is in my opinion no more sensible that Pierce Brosnan complaining that he was sacked from the role of James Bond for being too old. Which he was and which he is. If either at the outset of a TV program, or any time during its screen life, you want to replace an old person with a young person, or a white person with a black person, or a disabled straight with an able bodied gay, you should have as much creative freedom to do so as you have to change the color of John Craven’s anorak. My argument would be that the creative industries are completely inappropriate environments for anti -discrimination legislation and that the legal tools she used should never have been available to her.”

This was his reaction when a letter was given to BBC Radio 4’s the Media Show.

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