Act Of Valor In Theaters This Weekend


The film Act of Valor is not your typical action movie. While the actors’ portrayal of characters may not be considered Oscar-worthy, the realism showed in the film is like no other. During production, some Navy SEALS were dismayed that they were not depicted as accurately as they wanted to be. Producers then decided to hire Navy SEALS to star in the film. What resulted was a unique mix of real-life heroes with innovative film-making that will surely entertain and serve as an eye-opener to moviegoers.

The story revolves around the world of the Navy SEALS, one of the most elite forces in modern warfare. These highly trained warriors set out to uncover a global terrorism plot. The plot is inspired by real events and the combat scenes seem so real.

Scenes were shot in Florida, Kentucky, Russia and the Philippines since the lead cast’s journey takes them across the globe to track the terrorist group. Act of Valor opened this weekend and should get decent viewership considering the cast members are not professional actors but professional warriors.

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