Erykah Badu’s Malaysian Concert Cancelled Due To Offensive Ink


Soulful artist Erykah Badu was scheduled to perform in the Malaysian soil Wednesday when the local authorities decided to call it off after a local newspaper ran a photograph of the star with a number of Arabic and Hebrew symbols, including a word for `God`, painted on her chest. Malaysia is a known Muslim country and having the name of the creator as a tattoo even if it’s temporary is a big No-No.

The singer flew to the capital Kuala Lumpur ahead of time but since her concert has already been cancelled, she had no choice but to accept the fact that she really can’t perform. She was allowed though to stay as a tourist.

Even though her concert was cancelled, Badu was not upset after all. She said that she understood the entire situation. “The government of Malaysia had to be responsible to its people`s beliefs. Even if it were just 1 or 2 complaints. I understand. It`s an election year… I love Malaysia and its people. Art is often misunderstood in the realm of religion,” she said.

I asked my Muslim friend who has been investing in the philippine stock exchange about this matter, he said that the Malaysian government did the right thing. Every religion should be respected and art can be never an excuse.

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