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Bobbi Kristina’s $1 Billion Inheritance Could Kill Her


Whitney Houston’s only daughter with ex-husband Bobby Brown, Bobbi Kristina, stands to inherit more than 1 Billion dollars from her late mother — and her relatives are afraid the huge amount of money at her disposal might kill her.

Experts have already estimated the “Whitney brand” at 1 billion dollars, with more money likely to come from record sale profits, future stage shows and even films and merchandise bearing the Whitney ‘mark’ — and Bobbi Kristina, who just turned 19, will get everything as her father Bobby Brown, 43, signed a pre-nuptial agreement that says he will not inherit anything.

Now, Bobbi’s relatives are frantically afraid the massive riches could send the late singer’s drug-taking daughter into a frenzied meltdown.

Of late, Bobbi has been seen in new pictures smoking a bong and snorting cocaine. Relatives fear she will just blow the money on drugs, so they want to limit her access to her mother’s estate.

But, how?

Whitney’s troubled daughter has been rushed to the hospital twice after downing booze and pills to cope with her grief over the loss of her mother.

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  1. robin guyton says:

    people need to leave bobbi kristina be. nobobdy knows what she is going to do just because her mom left her with a large sum of money.and i cant stand these comments about whitney and her drug abuse. leave whitney alone to damn it.she was more than. she was a woman of god that loved the lord. RIP whitney i love you so much and your always in my heart.


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